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Funky Fresh Spring Rolls is giving away air fryers to people in need

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Air fryers have been pretty popular as holiday gifts over the past few years, with plenty of Black Friday sales offering specials on them. Well, Funky Fresh Spring Rolls likes the trend and is giving them out to those in need.

TrueMan McGee, the owner and Head Roll chef of Funky Fresh Spring Rolls, first started giving away air fryers in the summer. He thought that the air fryer giveaways were a good way to raise business sales.

Initially it started as a straightforward promotion: People would buy rolls in order to enter to win an air fryer.

But TrueMan thought this time around, with the pandemic, it’s a little bit different.

“I thought with how many people are struggling this year, people got busy lives, why don’t we give them away with no strings attached?” says TrueMan.

Funky Fresh Spring Rolls Funky Fresh Spring Rolls / Via Instagram

TrueMan has already given out three this year and he has five more to go.

“At first I tried to figure out who needs them the most,” says TrueMan. “Trying to figure that out is just a headache. Everybody needs one need. I just wish I could give an air fryer to everybody.”

So TrueMan has an app that chooses people at random.

On his Facebook and Instagram pages people can nominate those who they think deserve an air fryer. 

“We’ve had some compelling stories from people who have lost jobs, people who have lost family members, people who were sick or people who were struggling to find healthier options,” says TrueMan.

You may know that Funky Fresh started when TrueMan helped people achieve their fitness goals with his business Getting Tired Fitness. As he trained people, he realized his clients needed help eating healthier along with the exercise, so he conceived Funky Fresh.

And the air fryers that TrueMan is giving away now fits the goal of introducing fresh food as the air fryers are possibly a healthier alternative to deep frying or even grilling.

“I believe in air fryers,” says TrueMan. “I think they’re the new thing, for sure. I think everyone is going to have one in their house, almost like a microwave.”

The air fryers will be given out every Thursday for the rest of the year, which isn’t that long. 

“People are like, ‘win or lose I appreciate what you’re doing,’” says TrueMan. “That means a lot.”

But if you want some spring rolls with or without the air fryer, TrueMan says that for the coronavirus pandemic they’ve adapted to shipping and delivering spring rolls.

It’s worked out pretty well for them, which is why TrueMan says he wants to make sure that they serve the community in addition.

“I feel like every small business that receives support should continue to support the community that supports them,” says TrueMan.

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