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Olivia Richardson

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Chicago, Il. Though to give context to the question of “my first concert,” I lived in Ames, Iowa during my early childhood.

First concert?
The Rolling Stones in the early ’90s. I was young so I didn’t know much of their discography but it was a huge deal at the time. My mom and my friend’s parents took a bunch of us kids to see it. We didn’t get tickets to get inside the Cyclone Stadium but we sat on the roof of my mom’s car in an outside listening/viewing area. It was loud af. As an adult, with no parents involved, I’d think my first concert was Jump, Little Children. Though Linkin Park is technically first. My friend’s dad was there but we were cool and sat by ourselves… in the nose bleeds.

Modern dance, sewing and dipping my hand it different tech stuff. Oh and archery when I can.

How/why did you get into radio?
It really was by accident. I was a technical theater major in college studying audio engineering and did a music radio show on my school’s student station. I thought getting into pub radio, even commercial would be difficult and by the time I graduated college I didn’t want to do theater. I let the ‘art majors are a waste,’ mantra detour me into other areas. When I moved back home to Chicago I saw an ad for board ops and thought I’d put my audio production skills to use. My job quickly went from boards to on air. I was interviewing a lot CEOs, professors and leaders on issues surrounding the Muslim diaspora so I wanted to learn more about journalism to better serve my community. Thanks to “South Side Weekly” in Chicago I started producing community pieces for their radio show and attending their public newsroom lectures. Next, I did an internship with WBEZ’s Curious City in Chicago finessing audio for radio and learning some investigative journalism. Then I moved on to become the Eric Von Fellow at WUWM and now I’m here at Radio Milwaukee ready to learn and do more.

Comfort drink?
Moroccan mint tea. If I’m really stressed a jasmine green or black oolong tea hits the spot.

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