88Nine Radio Milwaukee

Glenn Kleiman

1047 782

Hometown: Miami Beach, FL (moved to Milwaukee in 1986)

Favorite band of all time?
Old: Steely Dan. New: Anderson .Paak and The Free Nationals

What do you like most about Milwaukee?
The people. Good-hearted, genuine, no pretense.

Best part of working at Radio Milwaukee?
Lots of “best” parts. The passion of our members and listeners. Our mission — to celebrate what’s great about Milwaukee, while still trying to make it better. Our staff/culture — fun, yet serious about doing a good job. The chance to meet positive people and to hear great new music.

Comfort drink?
My favorite Scotch, Lagavulin.

What about you would surprise people?
I’m a “professional” musician. A couple of years ago, I got paid (twice!) to play congas in a band. I have no training and really wasn’t sure what I was doing, but it was fun.

Executive Director