88Nine Radio Milwaukee

88Nine Internships: Programming

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Here’s your chance to experience all of what makes a non-commercial radio station run.

While you’ll be assigned to the Programming department, you’ll see Programming doesn’t exist in a vacuum. So, you’ll perform tasks for programming, promotions, production, engineering, traffic, operations and underwriting — and see how they all work together.

Unlike some at some other internships, your assignments won’t be “make work” — just to keep you busy. Your assignments are considered necessary to the function and success of Radio Milwaukee. Therefore, no assignment is optional and each must be completed in a thorough and timely manner.

Some examples of assignments:

  • Studio Milwaukee Session pre- and post- production (these are live performances in our studio)
  • General production duties pertaining to weekly specialty shows and features
  • Website contributions and maintenance
  • Data entry of contest information from concert and other promotions
  • Assistance with outside promotions at events
  • Assistance with development department mailings and fulfillment
  • Assistance and participation in fund drives
  • Practice and training for overnight on-air voice-tracked shifts
  • Shadowing of self-selected  staff members in areas of interest.

If you have any questions about our internships, please email internship@staging.radiomilwaukee.org.

To apply, click here to fill out the application