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Our mission:

Through music and stories created for a culturally open-minded community, 88Nine Radio Milwaukee is a catalyst for creating a better, more inclusive and engaged Milwaukee.

We love Milwaukee.

Our city isn’t perfect. What city is? But we believe in Milwaukee – as it is today, and in its potential to become even better.

And that’s why Radio Milwaukee exists. To be a catalyst for creating a better, more inclusive and engaged Milwaukee.

We champion Milwaukee – our music, arts and culture, neighborhoods and community organizations. We celebrate diversity and encourage community engagement. We aspire to be a force that breaks down barriers and brings people together.

We pursue our mission on the air, online and in the community.

Meet our team

Meet our team

Take a tour / Thursdays at 4:30pm

Take a tour / Thursdays at 4:30pm

MPS and Radio Milwaukee

On a rare evening, you might hear something on 88Nine that sounds way different than usual. On those nights, we’re airing the monthly Board of Directors meetings of Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS), as well as special meetings of the full Board.

MPS Milwaukee Public Schools logoWhy? Because MPS owns the license to 88.9 WYMS. Some of you might remember that MPS used to operate WYMS as a jazz station. Then, in 2007 we entered into a long-term agreement to independently operate WYMS—and 88Nine Radio Milwaukee was born.

In addition to airing the full Board meetings, we regularly report about MPS on the air.

Regular monthly Board meetings also are televised on Time-Warner Channel 14 and streamed live. If you’re interested in listening to the Board’s committee meetings, you may stream them live, as well. To access the live stream, please visit MPS’ Boardcast page.

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Contact us

Jobs & Internships

Jobs & Internships



Financial management

We know that to pursue our mission — to help create a better, more inclusive and engaged Milwaukee — we must manage our finances responsibly. And we do.

As a 501(c)3 organization, Radio Milwaukee is supported by members, donors, underwriters, community partners and volunteers. Under the guidance of our board of directors, we practice generally accepted accounting principles and believe in transparency.

Please learn more about our organization by reading these reports. You can also access our public file.


Our home

Sure, it’s a workplace. But we like to think of Radio Milwaukee’s studios as a “town square” — a centerpiece of music, cultural and social happenings. A gathering spot for a diverse community.

That’s why we regularly open our doors to the public to discuss important issues at our Community Stories Live events, to enjoy 414 Music Live and Studio:Milwaukee Sessions and to celebrate special events like Fall Ball, the Radio Milwaukee Music Awards and more.

We moved into our Walker’s Point studios in August, 2013, thanks to the generosity of so many in our community. They launched the Sound Foundation Campaign in 2012 and raised more than $3 million, surpassing the goal and allowing us to acquire and renovate the fabulous space we now occupy.

Take a tour
We offer free public tours of the Radio Milwaukee studios!! Interested? Fill out the form here.